Coach’s Low Country™ Vinaigrette & Marinade
May 9, 2017
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Coach’s Low Country™ BBQ Sauce



Coach’s Low Country™ Barbeque Sauce is a thick, rich, tomato-based barbeque sauce. Made with quality ingredients, it is a very special, clean, natural-tasting product. Coach’s Low Country™ Barbeque Sauce is unique as it allows its zesty spices and flavors to emerge and complement its own natural, rich, tomato flavor. Use it as a barbeque sauce for slow-cooking beef, pork, ribs and chicken or use it as a finishing glaze during grilling. It is also excellent as a sauce served on wings and as a dipping sauce to give all your foods that natural and unique “Low Country” barbeque flavor. For extra flavor, lightly sprinkle on Coach’s Low Country Seasoning to your dish before serving.

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