Company Profile

Coach's Low Country Brands (CLCB), owned and operated by Covenant Foods, Inc., is a food product company. The company's vision is to create and market high quality food products that generate consumer excitement and that enhance the dining experience. CLCB's primary goal is to grow incrementally from region to region, and to forge solid supplier relationships with national food service companies, restaurants, grocery chains, and other food providers. Currently, our primary service area covers the Southeastern United States; however, our ultimate goal is to distribute our nutritious products on a national basis.

Currently, CLCB seeks to sell its Coach's Low Country Seasoning Blend to large and small retailers, military installations, restaurants, colleges, hospitals, elderly care facilities, cruise lines, and other institutions. In addition to our popular seasoning, CLCB also sells a vinaigrette/marinade and a barbeque sauce under its brand.

In addition to expanding the line of available products, the company's goal is to support Widows and Orphans in distress through donations from the sale of company products.

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